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Highland coffee from El Salvador

Salva d'oro cafe créme
Salva d'oro cafe espresso

100% Arabica highland beans


  • Polybag, 1.000g, beans

  • Linebag, 500g, beans  


Roasting: Planta de Torrefacción de Café

Cultivation: Cafe Castro, cafe Don Jose.



The coffee is grown at an altitude of more than 1,200m on the slopes of majestic volcanoes in Sierra de Apaneca and Ahuachapan. Many small farmers here cultivate their plantations in accordance with agro-organic and traditional methods. The coffee plants are protected by the canopy of other plants. The fruits thus grow in ecological conditions.

What makes their quality unique is that the coffee beans are washed and dried immediately after having been hand-picked. The raw beans do not first have to be shipped to Europe to be roasted and thus retain their unique and natural aromas. The beans are roasted after having been dried and stirred. 

The result is a unique coffee with a distinct aroma. Its creamy and strong and full-bodied taste is utterly convincing. 

The entire production process takes place in El Salvador. Thus, all the industrious people involved in this process receive an income much above what they otherwise get by exporting raw beans. 



For all coffee friends an unforgettable pleasure.

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