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The people

The civil war (until 2002) and the nature disasters have made a big damage in the last 20 years. Before 2004 the infrastructure was destroyed and the economy lay on the ground. Meanwhile the infrastructure is rebuilt but the economy has still big problems. 

Only have 50% has a permanent job and the other people are living from "the hand to the mouth". Many people survive with Mini-Jobs. The average earnings are 1.50 Euro per hour. A very important factor is the 2 million men who are working in the USA. They sent the money to their families.

Nevertheless you see no beggar in the streets and the young people try all to get a qualified education and studies. 

The people are very friendly, cheerfully and helpfully. Most of them are speaking English and are well educated. The people in the other countries of Central America are saying El Salvador is the Germany of America.

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