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The Companies

A lot of companies have applied for the export to Europe. But only a few have managed the entire process. They have the business utilities and abilities, the courage going Europe. 


But the export companies have reached the goal with hard and consistent works. They will be the first one which can export consumer products to the European market. 


In conjunction with the producers involved, in March 2011 ALIANZA EXPORTADO-RA was founded as the platform in El Salvador. It handles all the production orders, QA measures, logistics and export. 


When the sales activities in Europe start, young people from El Salvador will work for Estilo. They will learn about European culture, get to know its trade and marketing. When they return, they will support the companies in El Salvador when it comes to product innovations, design and export.



Jonattan Menjivar



Marlene Araya


Dina Guillén + Beraly Briceno Rosa de Mejia


Maria Teresa de Borgo


Roxana Carreno de Flores


Xochitl Palacios


Cecilia Palma de Cruz

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