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           he touches your senses

The fantastic aromatic compositions of select fruits, blossoms and spices make our Maya's tea an oasis of the pleasure.



Every cup refreshes you with the best ingredients from the nearly untouched scenery of El Salvador. 



Additives it is consciously renounced to give you tea pleasure in his purest form.







loose blend



Maya-tea No1      Lime - ginger - lemon grass - hibiscus  

Maya tea no.1 is a refreshing tea blend of harmonious aromas and flavours. You will taste the dry and tangy interplay of lime and ginger and the fine flavours hibiscus has to offer - all with a slightly sweet touch. 


Maya-tea no2      Mint, ginger, lemon grass, orange peels 

Maya tea no. 2 is an aromatic blend of fresh aromatic mint and ginger, lemon grass and orange peels. A really refreshing delight. 


Maya-tea no3       Hibiscus - mint - lemon grass

Maya tea no.3 - The refreshing mint and lemon grass are in fully harmony with the magical aroma of hibiscus. All three make for a fruity and bitter delight. 


Maya-tea no4      Hibiscus - lime peels - lemon grass

A refreshing composition of lemon grass and hibiscus and the tingly sour taste of lime. 


Maya-tea no5      Mint - guava - lemon grass

The dominant lemon grass aroma is marvellously refined by the fresh and aromatic mint and the juicily fruity guava. Guava and its vitamin C content will improve your health. 


Maya-tea no6      Mint

An aromatic tea blend with fresh mint. Try it when you have got a cold. You will soon feel better.  


Maya-tea no7      Hibiscus 

This hibiscus tea makes you feel better, quenches your thirst and is very healthy indeed. Its fruit acids make it a tingly delight. The slightly sour taste is very refreshing.  



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