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Maya Tea- "A fruity infusion"

CULTIVAR's growing region lies south of San Salvador in a natural, unspoilt hilly area. The cultivation of hibiscus, limes and many other fruits has always been natural, a process strictly monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture. CULTIVAR received an "organic" (Bio-) certificate pursuant to German law in 2010.



A novelty are tea slices made from limes, grapefruits, mandarins and star fruits by a special drying process. The slices are brewed in boiling water for 5 minutes to produce this nice tea brew.


The loose teas do only consist of flowers and parts of the leaves. They do not contain any additives. The unique aromas are fully retained.


The special

The miraculous aromatic compositions of select fruits, blossoms and spices make our Maya's tea an oasis of the pleasure. Every cup refreshes you with the best ingredients from the nearly untouched scenery of El Salvador.

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