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Quality Assurance

An important successful factor is the high-class protection of the products.


(1) In El Salvador, we have established a "Task force quality" with two engineers from El Salvador and a German (who lives in El Salvador) to implement the required measures in a consistent fashion.


(2) Production quality aside, there are specifications for every product's colour, taste and texture that are inspected with every lot. The specifications do in part derive from the results of a representative consumer survey and pertinent tests. This helped us to make sure that we will not sell any products that would not be accepted by the average consumer.


(3) Every foodstuff is tested by Institut - IPDP Institut Pieldner in Stuttgart - for its content/ingredients and hazardous substances. 


(4) One Estilo employee will visit the companies in El Salvador on a regular basis in order to check the entire QA system. 


(5) Major producers do already work in accordance with ISO 9000. 


(6) Organic products are produced in accordance with German regulations. They are certified by a German organisation. 


(7) Natural cultivation is monitored on a regular basis, including checks on the non-use of hazardous substances, pesticides etc. in surrounding areas.

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