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This collection is a Garden Eden of sorts, full of exotic fruits. These jams have a large fruit content, much above that of other products in the market.


The jams do not contain any preservatives or artificial colours. The "Manufaktur" does only process select fruits for its jams and only directly after they have ripened in their country of origin. They thus retain their aromas and flavours of sun-ripened fruit. No chemicals are used for growing these fruits. The fruits are not picked until ripe.


Neither are they only processed after many weeks of transit to Europe. This is the only way that makes them retain their aromas and flavours.


Estilo does not produce jam on an industrial basis but uses very traditional recipes.

These taste variations are in the preparation:  


Papaya - pineapple - Pina Colada - fruit mix

orange - Tamarindo - Nance

Maya Jam

Mango  Jar, 250g

Mango is the star among exotic fruits. When you try this jam, you will taste the sweet and intensive flavours of sun-ripened fruits. It is a rare occasion when you can enjoy such a variety of minerals and vitamins (provitamin A, in particular) in such a sweet way.  


Hibiscus  Jar, 250g

The dark-red colour of this jelly is as much a pleasure as is its refreshing and unique taste. The juice is extracted from hibiscus calyxes. The resultant jelly is a sheer delight for every one who loves sour-fresh spreads. 


Guava  Jar, 250g 

Guavas are berries. Their marvellous aromas remind one of a mixture of pears, quinces and figs and are hard to describe. Guavas are rich in vitamins. Vitamin C aside, pectin, provitamin A, B vitamins and iron and calcium are worth mentioning. 


Coffee  Jar, 250g 

This spread contains the full coffee flavours of selected arabica beans from the El Salvador highlands. For lovers of coffee, its is a revelation; for lovers of sweet spreads it is more than an interesting alternative. 


Pineapple  Jar, 250g

The delicious taste of golden and ripe pineapple comes from naturally ripened fruits, which then unfold their full aromas and intensive flavours which they can retain because they are processed right away. A really delightful product. 


Papaya  Jar, 250g

Papaya pulp is yellowish to dark-orange and in terms of taste is reminiscent of melons. If papayas are picked in an unripe condition, they will not continue to ripen. We only use selected, naturally ripened fruits and guarantee a very intensive and sweet taste. 

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