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Maya biscuits 

Delicacies from El Salvador


People in Central America love both very spicy and sweet dishes. The PALACIO company in San Salvador specialises in the production of sweets in a natural and slow fashion. For its traditional recipes, it only uses natural ingredients and no artificial colours and additives.

Their milk caramel, caramel and vanilla products are real works of art.

Maya biscuit Cappuccino

Shortcrust biscuits with milk caramel cappuccino filling

The refined milk caramel filling only contains hand-picked arabica espresso beans from El Salvador, whose fine aroma and flavours make every single biscuit something very special.


Maya biscuit

Shortcrust biscuits with milk caramel guava filling 

A fine guava mush was stirred into the filling, which lends these biscuits its marvellous aroma and flavours like a mix of pears, quinces and figs.


Vanilla biscuits with cinnamon meringue 

Shortcrust biscuits with cinnamon meringue 

Maya biscuit

Shortcrust biscuits with milk caramel cappuccino filling

These biscuits contain fine cocoa from El Salvador, which lends it its very special taste.


Maya biscuit

Shortcrust biscuits with milk caramel filling

The not too sweet caramel lends these biscuits their very special taste.

These biscuits contain vanilla and high-quality cinnamon. Airy meringues crown them. A wonderful combination for everyone who likes sweets. These biscuits are based upon a traditional original recipe. Only the best ingredients are used. The crunchy vanilla biscuits are pre-baked, crowned with meringue and then baked until golden-brown. A pinch of cinnamon makes this sweet perfect.


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