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The foundation of Estilo Sales Europe GmbH results in a great project which has done for the country El Salvador in the year 2010.

In the end of 2011 the decision was taken to found a sales company for the import and distribution of products from Central America.


The decisive factors are the founded alliance of the producers and the in 2012 founded distributor ESTILO. The project began in the middle of 2010 and was taken despite incredible obstacles in El Salvador and in particular in Germany and Europe to a success.




ESTILO with the brand ENSONO


All products will be sold with the registered brand ENSONO.The product and packaging design has been made with European graphic arts and flavors based at a market research.


A lot of products have a long tradition with a Maya relationship. The young Maya woman is their symbol.All products will be produced completely in Central and South America. The value will benefit to the producers in a best possible way. The packaging will be delivered largely out of the production countries. 


Estilo works together with the European retail trade.In the portfolio are very interesting products for the traders and for the consumers.


Valuable food: Coffee, tea, honey, jam, spices

  • jam

  • coffee, tea and honey

  • spices

  • Sweets





ESTILO is working with a detailed strategy in marketing, brand and sales.

  • premium markets

  • organic stores

  • special trade

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